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Availability of diverse Sponsorship Packages, including speaking and panellist opportunities, exhibition spaces (personally or virtually) and on-site branding opportunities to create a strong impact and presence for the duration of the conference.

Get visibility and attract the attention of the community of nuclear energy and SCWR.

Connect your company to one of the most recognized and successful international events with an excellent scientific content.

If required, we can prepare a tailor-made package to suit your requirements.

Benefits as Official Sponsor

The listing of your organisation as an Official Sponsor of ISSCWR-10 Conference and Exhibition.

Visibility from the date of the agreement, during and after the event.

Your logo promoted on:

  • the ISSCWR-10 website, Conference proceedings and materials connected with this event
  • the screens displayed in the conference virtual rooms in between sessions (slides)
  • the ‘Thank you, Sponsors’ banner(s) located in the registration area

Sponsors: CNS (Czech Nuclear Society), magazine "Jaderná energie" (Nuclear Energy)

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